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Energy Meter Class 0.5

Mã sản phẩm : acuvim-l-series

This three phase energy meter is ideal for applications that require standard parameters for monitoring and controlling power distribution systems, medium to low voltage systems, industrial automation and commercial facilities. Acuvim L power meters comes with a choice of a built-in communication Modbus RTU, pulse output or none for panel meters.

Số lượng:

    • Six different models for different applications
    • NEMA 4 rated tough and watertight design
    • 3-Line LCD display with backlight
    • Multiple current transformer options
    • Class leading 5 year warranty
    • Built-in MODBUS RTU (some models)
    • Optional digital/analog I/O or PROFIBUS (some models)
    • Optional DIN rail mount transducer (some models)

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