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Knife type (NH) fuse-links aM class for motor protection, with top indicator. These high breaking capacity fuse-links are intended for short circuit protection in motors, transformer and other load with high inrush currents, with rated voltages up to 500V AC (+10%) and 690V AC (+5%). The rated breaking capacity is 80 kA at 690V or 120 kA at 500V. Excellent protection of switchgear (contactor, thermal switch) due to the good current limiting capability and low I2t values. These fuse links must be associated to an overload device protection (thermal switch). The range comprises fuse-links from size NH000 up to NH4, with rated currents from 6A up to 1250A. Compact versions in low rated currents of every size. Manufactured with ceramic body with high withstand to internal pressure and thermal shock, that allows a high breaking capacity. Melting elements are silver plated in order to avoid the aging and thus keep unalterable the electric characteristics. Knife contacts are made of silver plated copper or brass. They are manufactured according to IEC/EN60269 and VDE0636 Standards and comply with RoHS directive.
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aM NH fuse links

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