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Motor MCB Ex9S32A

Manual motor protective circuit breakers Ex9S32A provide overload, short-circuit and phase-failure protection for the three-phase asynchronous motors with not frequent starting. They are also suitable for power distribution line protection or can be used simply as a isolator. The right setting of adjustable overload current allows to optimize motor protection by means of circuit breaker. In case of 3P application, correct setting of Ir provides also protection against overload caused due to a phase lost. Ambient temperature compensation function reduces the impact of ambient temperature, release testing mechanism enables to test the function of the system and control rotary knob lock mechanism prevents illegal operation. Motor protective circuit breakers can be combined with wide range of accessories including auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip and undervoltage releases. It is possible to create diverse combination of accessories.


Miniature contactors Ex9CS

Ex9CS Series mini contactors are intended for both industrial and household applications, and meet the requirements of IEC / EN 60947-4-1. Their main benefit is their highly compact dimensions. These also make them suitable for applications with high demands on installation space economy. Contactors are provided in versions for nominal currents of 6, 9 and 12 A in utilisation category AC-3 with agreed-upon thermal current without cover Ith 20A.


Contactors Ex9C

Ex9C Series contactors are primarily intended for industrial applications. They comply with the requirements of IEC / EN 60947-4-1. These contactors are provided in three sizes. Size 18 covers nominal currents of 9, 12 and 18 A in utilisation category AC-3. Size 38 is intended for 25, 32 and 38 A versions. Size 100 is then available with nominal currents of 80 and 100 A. Thus, application to three-phase motors up to 45 kW can be fully covered. The agreed-on Ith thermal current of these contactors is 125 A.


Contactors Ex9C up to 500A

Contactors Ex9C series are intended mainly for industrial applications. They comply with the requirements of IEC / EN 60947-4-1. Splitting into next three frame sizes brings optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions. Thus, application to three-phase motors up to 400 kW can be fully covered. The agreed-on Ith thermal current of these contactors is up to 610 A


Capacitor contactors Ex9CC

Capacitor contactors Ex9CC are used mainly for switching of power factor correction blocks. These types of contactors are fitted and delivered with special front mounted block of series resistors which ensures early making of auxiliary poles and connect the capacitor to the network via the set of resistors, when the coil is energized. The contactor with this current suppression block can effectively reduce the current impact of the capacitors and operational overvoltage. Utilization category of these contactors is AC-6b.


Mini reverse contactors Ex9CSR

Miniature reversible contactors Ex9CSR brings excellent electric parameters in the form of very compact device. These contactors are used mainly for switching of asynchronnous motors with possibility of change of rotation direction. They can also be used for switching of two circuits when it is necessary to ensure that maximum one circuit is connected.


Overload relays Ex9R

Ex9R thermal overload relays serve to protect motors from overloading. They can be applied either separately with AD5 adapters or in combination with Ex9CS mini contactors or Ex9C contactors. Thermal current is adjustable. The relays are designed with tripping class 10A. Relays are designed as three-phase relays with integrated opening and closing contact.


Accessories for Ex9C

AX41 auxiliary contact units and CCU41 surge suppressor blocks are designed in order to match miniature version of contactors Ex9CS or Ex9CSR. Auxiliary contact units are available with four contacts with all posible contact combinations. Contactors Ex9C line (Ex9C, Ex9Ci, Ex9CR) share accessories, i.e. available portfolio can be used for all sizes of contactors (except miniature ones). Contactors can be equipped with one front-mounted unit (AX42 or TDD4), two units of side-mounted contact AX43/44 (one from the left, the other from the right) and surge suppressor block CCU42/43.