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PMX Modular fuse holders

Mã sản phẩm : 1569055822

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    • Available in a extended range of different versions with fuse indicator, with microswitch, 690V, 24 V DC, Microswitch FUSING+PRE-BREAKING+FUSE LINK DETECTION.
    • Accessory available to lock the fuse holder by a padlock.
    • IP20 Security accessory in terminal zones. For wires of section 10 mm2.
    • All the versions with label holder for a good circuit identification.
    • Compact design.
    • Accessories for multiple poles assembly for fuse holders and microswitch.
    • Ventilation zones optimized for a better heat dissipation.
    • 2 position DIN Rail fixation.
    • Made of a polymer high performance with a fusion temperature more than 300 ºC. This provides a safety margin against a possible overheating of the fuse, and when it exceeds the rated power acceptance of the fuse holder.
    • The PMX fuse holder can be fixed/unfixed on DIN rail with the same screwing tools that the installer uses for cable terminal fixing, regardless the screw driver head is in form of slot or PZ2.
    • PMX Fuse holder is made of halogen free plastic, prepared for future restrictions on these substances.
    • IEC (CB) tested.


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