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DC MCB Ex9BD 440Vdc

Mã sản phẩm : dc-mcb-ex9bd

Aptomat DC Ex9BD phù hợp cho các ứng dụng trong trạm điện, nhày máy điện, hệ thống năng lượng mặt trời và công nghiệp

Số lượng:

    DC miniature circuit breakers Ex9BD are suitable for short-circuit and overload protection of general direct current applications up to 63 A, for example in automation, control or household DC circuits.

    They are offered in 1 and 2-pole versions with 1 module unit (18 mm) per pole. Tripping characteristics C and K.

    Ex9BD MCBs can be supplemented as well as Ex9B and Ex9PN series devices with a wide range of accessories. They can be fitted with up to three units of auxiliary or signal contacts AX31, AL31, AXL31 and, at the same time with up to two release units. Releases are available as shunt-trip (opening) and under-voltage. They can be optionally combined as necessary. All these accessories is mounted to the breakers from the left side.

    • Rated operating voltage Ue 220 V DC per pole
    • Rated current 1 up to 63 A
    • Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icu 10 kA
    • 1 and 2 pole versions
    • Tripping characteristics C, K
    • Wide range of accessories
    • Polarity dependent
    Download Datasheet

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